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Representation in the Immigration Court

A deportation procedure is a hearing on the Immigration Court to determine if a non-citizen will be deported from the U.S. All persons in the United States who are not citizens can be deported if they are under any reason of inadmissibility or deportation according to the Immigration and Nationality Law. In fact, a legal permanent resident may also lose his or her residence status and be deported from the United States if he or she violates certain provisions of the immigration law.

Immigrants in immigration court proceedings have the right to be represented by a lawyer at their own expense, unless the immigrant waives his or her right to be represented by a lawyer. The immigration judge must provide a reasonable opportunity to search, speak with, and hire an immigration lawyer. a> The immigration judge must also grant a reasonable and realistic period of time to provide a fair opportunity for a person to search, speak with, and hire an immigration attorney.

Immigration law and immigration court procedures are very complex. For this reason, it is important for immigrants to have a immigration lawyer to receive the best possible representation.

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