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The Salvadoran government announced last Monday the management of temporary Visas for agricultural workers who could carry out work in their area in the United States, this with the purpose of avoiding the irregular migratory flow towards the country of the north

Until last March, the administration of US President Donald Trump had deported 3,718 Salvadorans of legal age, 8.9% higher those registered in the first three months of 2018, so this initiative becomes vital to avoid that these numbers continue to increase 

About this project, it is said that it will be necessary to open a digital platform where all the selection criteria for future agricultural workers will be announced as well as an office that will be responsible for selecting personnel, these workers  will have a permit that will vary between 4 and 5 months.

Once this period is over, the workers must return to the country, waiting for a new convocation and subsequent selection process. The objective of the project is to “Guarantee temporary, but legal, opportunities for Salvadorans and thus prevent more compatriots from taking risk by travelling illegally to The Unites States” this was announced by the head of the Ministry of Laboral and social Welfare Ronaldo Castro.

Added to this initiative is another one that is also promoted by the Ministry of Labor and that consists in the creation of the unit of the returned migrant, where psychological and legal support will be given to the people who return to the Central America country after their deportation or voluntary return. From United States.

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