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Niños de familias desplazadas ucranianas participan de la actividad integradora “Compartir el Pan”

En el Centro de Creatividad Infantil y Juvenil se llevó a cabo el evento benéfico “Compartiendo el Pan”, evento del cual somos parte a través del área de Responsabilidad Social de Kostiv & Associates P.C. En este evento se tiene como punto principal brindar ayuda, a varios niños y niñas que han sido desplazados por […]

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Overview of the TPS application for Ukrainians

Every Ukrainian who has ever been to the USA. UU. by March 1, you will be able to apply for this special status, which allows you to work and live legally in the country for 18 months Ukrainians will have 18 months of work permit and legal stay in the United States from this April […]

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Immigration changes made by Joe Biden in his first hours as president of the United States

President Joe Biden began his term by signing several executive actions mostly related to immigration, 17 in total. With what is quickly undoing many controversial policies of the Trump administration. Some changes can be pushed through executive actions, other changes in immigration policy will take longer. What Biden has acknowledged. Below we will detail the […]

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Donald Trump ordered to postpone the deportation of Venezuelans to the US.UU for 18 months

Donald Trump signed, before leaving the White House, a memorandum postponing for 18 months the deportation of Venezuelans who are in the U.S. the Republican president granted for that period the benefit of deferred forced departure (DED in English) to those affected by “the deteriorating situation inside Venezuela” caused according to Trump by the Government […]

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Business meeting of our director and Attorney in Ukraine

This day our director and immigration lawyer, Petro Kostiv held an important meeting during his visit to his home country Ukraine. During this meeting, cooperation ties were strengthened that resulted in the opening of the new Kostiv & Associates office in Ukraine; all with the fundamental objective of bringing immigration relief to more countries. Very […]

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