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TPS for Venezuelans in the United States

Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, is a form of humanitarian aid that can be granted when it is considered unsafe to return to your home country. Therefore, this type of protection is limited only to people (in this case Venezuelans) who are already in the United States.

This migration measure is valid for 18 months, although it could be extended. Venezuelans who have already been to the U.S. can benefit from it. UU. until March 8, 2021. TPS is an immigration program created in 1990 through which the U.S. UU. it grants exceptional permits to immigrants from countries affected by wars, natural disasters, epidemics or other conditions that prevent safe return to their countries of origin.

It is not a residence card or a path to citizenship. If you find a way to get residency or citizenship, you can stay in the United States. How can you become a resident of the United States if you arrive without papers? In two ways: by marrying a U.S. citizen (if the marriage is genuine) or by having a U.S. employer sponsor you by offering you a job (if you are specially qualified). This way you can obtain permanent residence.

Who is eligible for TPS and how long does it last?

Individuals who demonstrate continuous residence in the United States as of March 8, 2021 are eligible. Anyone arriving after March 8 does not qualify for TPS designation

TPS eligibility requirements for Venezuelans are:

  • Be a national of Venezuela, or a person without nationality who has resided habitually in Venezuela for the last time.
  • Have resided continuously in the United States since March 8, 2021 and have been continuously present in the United States since March 9, 2021.
  • Apply during the Open initial registration period (between March 9, 2021 and September 5, 2021).
  • Have no conviction for a felony or two or more misdemeanors committed in the United States.
  • Not be inadmissible for immigration on the grounds applicable in Section 212 (A) of the INA, including non-waivable criminal security-related grounds.
  • Not be subject to mandatory asylum prohibitions.

How do I apply to TPS?

Venezuelans who want to apply for TPS must submit an application to the United States Citizenship and immigration service (USCIS) in the next 180 days (these count from March 9, 2021 so it is requested to verify dates and calendars)

You can do this on your own, but it is recommended that you have an immigration attorney who can handle your process in an efficient and professional manner. If you or a family member would like to make this application call us at (213) 309-9123 and receive an advice with one of our professionals.


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