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What are work accidents? These usually happen to any worker   while her or she is on their work day. As well as all the diseases that may  you have been acquired by the work that is done or performed.

If you have been injured at work? Know your rights:

  1. You have to right to receive a corresponding compensation.
  2. Your employer can not fire you or take any action against you for submitting an application for compensation for an accident at work.
  3. Your immigration status does not matter. This point is very important to clarify, since many foreign workers with a legal migration status or not, are often victims of abusive employers, and ignore how labor Law work in the United States; makes them potential victims.

So if you are in this situation, contact us; Our service areas cover the following types of Accidents at Work:


  • Slips and Falls 
  • Pains and Injuries
  • Back 
  • Neck pain
  • He hurts his back
  • The shoulders Hurts 
  • He hurts his arms 
  • Hurts Dolls, hands, ankles, feets, legs.
  • Injure while using machines at work 
  • And more

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