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Cesar Coronel

Cesar Coronel is a legal assistant in Kostiv law group; he is also an accredited lawyer in Ecuador. Like other immigrants, he had to adapt to American culture and he himself had to go through an immigration process that gives him a more human and personal perspective when working in immigration cases. Cesar practiced insurance […]

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Ivo Genchev

Ivo is a citizen of the world, he has spent extensive time in Cuba, Spain and Mexico. He graduated from middle school and high school in Mexico City. Ivo started his legal studies when he was 16 years old at the Colegio “Holandes”, in Mexico City. Subsequently, he transferred to Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” […]

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Cesar Montoya

Biography Cesar is a hip, young and eccentric attorney who epitomizes the concept of a Los Angeles attorney. He was born in Los Angeles and has lived throughout the city’s basin. However, being a LA boy is not what appeals most to Mr. Montoya’s clients, instead it is his dry wit, style and urbane nature, […]

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Carlos Ortíz

Carlos J Ortiz was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1987 and immigrated to the US in 1990. When he and his family came to this country they struggled like any other immigrant family. The story of his families’ boarding crossing and the struggles his family endured is what motivated him to become an immigration attorney.   He received […]

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Julie Moreno

Julie Moreno has dedicated her legal career to protecting the rights of every immigrant with her strategic mindset, passionate attitude, and devotion to her clients. As a first-generation daughter of immigrants from Mexico, Ms. Moreno personally connects with the lives and stories of her clients as she understands the struggles and sacrifices many immigrants face. […]

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